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Welcome to Baby Butt Smooth dot com, the website all about traditional wet shaving using double edge razors- also known as DE shaving.

“Baby butt smooth” is a way a describing a man’s shave. When you say you got a “baby butt smooth” shave, you’re saying that you got a super smooth, super close shave. You can get this kind of amazingly close shave by using traditional wet shaving equipment, like for example a Merkur 34C razor from Germany, a Feather blade from Japan, and Proraso shaving cream from Italy (the Axis Powers of DE shaving).

If you know about all of this stuff already, then please feel free to scroll down and explore the blog entries below.

If on the other hand you are new to the world of traditional wet shaving, then please visit the Intro & Buying Guide page. On that page you’ll get a simple and clear overview of what DE shaving is all about, and what equipment you’ll need to get started.

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Recent blog entries

4 Color Pens

I have news for you on the Bic 4 Color Pen front. I’m in France right now, and let me tell you something: for a guy who loves Bic 4 Color Pens, I’m in the right place. Bic is a French company, and believe it or not, the Bic 4 Color Pen is still to […]

Shaving Sticks

Dear Reader, The last time I posted an article on this website (“Don’t call it Badger and Blade, call it Sissies and Stiffs“) was on October 31st, 2011. Do you realize that that’s almost three full years ago? I hope that the last three years of your life have been pleasant. If on the whole […]

Don’t call it Badger and Blade, call it Sissies and Stiffs

Dear Visitor to Baby Butt Smooth dot com, This Sunday morning I suffered a most terrible shock. About a week or two ago, I became a member of the world famous DE shaving forum, “Badger and Blade.” This is the website which serious DE shavers from all over the world visit in order to discuss […]

Manly Man or Gentleman

Dear Reader/Shaver, The fact that you shave- that does not make you a “man.” Unfortunately, some businesses out there, in order to push product, try playing on that tired old theme, that shaving “makes you a man- a REAL man!” Another thing: the fact that you shave with expensive high end shaving equipment- that does […]

Merkur 37C Slant Bar Razor and Feather Blades

Dear Visitor to Baby Butt Smooth dot com, Once again I find that the very best and most appropriate way for me to impart my thoughts, feelings and ideas on DE shaving, is to share with you some correspondence between myself and a good DE shaving friend named Oliver. Oliver is the individual who deserves […]

The Axis Powers of DE Shaving

As mentioned in my Introduction to DE Shaving, I began my DE shaving adventure with a Merkur 34C, a big box of Derby blades, and a hard stick soap whose brand name was Viabra. I then sought out and spoke with an extremely knowledgeable guy in London who told me to try Proraso CREAM; I’ve […]

DE Shaving and Mad Men

I don’t know, there must be some kind of a connection here, no? You couldn’t picture Donald Draper using some cheap jive plastic disposable multi-blade cartridge, could you? Of course not. Don obviously was a man that used a good old heavy metal double edge razor, which he loaded up with stainless steel double edge […]

DE Shaving Bowls and Skuttles- Just Say No

I want to beg men everywhere who are involved in DE shaving to please consider the following simple fact: if/when you buy yourself, and use, a fancy, expensive and mysterious looking shaving bowl, or an ancient looking shaving skuttle like the kind Charles Dickens used when nobody had sinks with running water- then this is […]

DE Shaving- My Own Story

When a man doesn’t shave, it is often interpreted as signifying one of two things: either he’s cool, and beard growth is part of his cool look- or else he’s having a hard time- he’s down and out, unemployed, addicted to drugs, alcoholic, God knows what, something questionable…