DE Shaving and Mad Men

I don’t know, there must be some kind of a connection here, no? You couldn’t picture Donald Draper using some cheap jive plastic disposable multi-blade cartridge, could you? Of course not. Don obviously was a man that used a good old heavy metal double edge razor, which he loaded up with stainless steel double edge razor blades…

He may have had a cigarette burning on the side of the sink there while he was mixing up a delicious creamy lather, using a beautiful high quality brush that felt great in his right hand. Did Don ever have the cigarette in his hand WHILE he was mixing up the lather? What if ash got into that beautiful pure white lather? Would that ash impart a smoky smell to the lather? Doesn’t a chrome Zippo lighter remind you in a way of a good old Merkur 34C DE razor? Look, in any case I think we can safely agree that there is an old school, traditional type feel to both DE razors and the DE shaving routine, and one of the things that makes Mad Men so exciting is its ability to evoke those bygone years.

Back then a solid, shiny, quality engineered heavy metal razor was something absolutely and perfectly normal- you just took it for granted. Nowadays we’re programmed by television commercials to use cheap disposable overpriced junk- and that mind control racket really does work, it’s highly effective, and most of us men are totally bought in.

I consider DE shaving to be one small, modest way of saying “NO!”

Fine, the whole system’s rotten to the core, broken beyond repair, hopelessly messed up and impossible to ever redeem- but I can live with all that. What I don’t want is to start every single morning of the rest of my life being reminded of it, this monstrous scam we’re living in- and paying huge senseless money for the privilege of being reminded. I’m talking right now about these crooked and insanely overpriced disposable multi-blade cartridges.

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